FULL: Lil Fizz Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons Again

kuroviral.com – Lil Fizz Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons Again.Lil Fizz is back buzzing in these social media streets after an alleged video of the singer in a comprising position surfaced. We’re unable to get as descriptive as we know how to be because of the nature of the clip, but Seek and Ye Shall Find Twitter are definitely kicking themselves for letting their curiosity get the best of them.

Lil Fizz, already having exposed his naughty bits to the world via a smartphone video, allegedly had the gumption to show off the other end of his equation, if you catch our drift. As the clip went wide on Twitter, folks began using an unfortunate slang term about the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star that we won’t repeat in the body of this text to describe the clip.

The B2K singer has not confirmed or denied the video in question but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from having a lot to say about the moment.

Check out why Lil Fizz is trending below.



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