Is Solange Son’s JULEZ SMITH Going To Become Father? Pregnancy Rumors Hoax Reason Explained!

 Julez Smith Junior., Solange Knowles’ child, has rejected internet rumors that he got a 19-year-old Onlyfans founder impregnated, according to Gossip Internet. Solange wedded the talented scout there at age of eighteen then gave birth to the child per year afterward. Since she was barely 18 years of age, her parents divorced her. Knowles’ seventeen – years daughter was the focus of allegations made by a lady who identified herself as Adore following texting conversations allegedly around them were posted on Instagram on Tuesday. Julez, unimpressed by Love, informs them that this choice “making you considerably less appealing,” resulting in a violent fight and also the messages becoming broadcast so that everyone can see.

Who Is Julez Smith?

The incident started after Adore shared claimed to text texts first between two on Facebook. They appeared to be discussing sex without a condom including getting pregnant during the chat. The TikTok movie depicted a purported message discussion among Julez with Adore in which it has been clear that perhaps the pair were personal in three instances, but even then it declined to accept Option A from “We must have an open discussion regarding this youngster.” “This was not the first or second time a girl has said anything like this towards him,” told the website.

Is Solange Son’s JULEZ SMITH Going To Become Father?

Normally, I really shouldn’t comment on such matters, however this moment I’m not going to let you drag my relatives through the mud with somebody contrived. The video is circulating wildfire and it’s creating buzz all around. Now supporters are going on Twitter and questioning the celebrity. Celebrities are always getting the attention and sometimes such scandals are just made for public stunts. We will be back with some more info regarding this incident so till then stay tuned to our website.

Julez Smith: Wikipedia & Biography

The model’s daughter reportedly stated in the online chats whether he would begin “disassociating myself so that you’re not connected” because the couple was having a kid and he wanted to “make preparations for it.” While Simone and her older daughter Carter share their secret lives quietly on Facebook, Julez, 16, routinely writes regarding his privileged background.

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